GAUD now lets you view and pay your bills online.*

Just click here to start—all you’ll need is your GAUD account number and service address.

Once you’ve set up your online account, you can also choose to “go paperless” for your bills! There is no fee to go paperless and you can always choose to return to mailed paper bills with the click of a button.

For even more convenience, enroll in our FREE auto-pay feature, so you’ll never forget to pay your bill again. (It’s free to pay online from your checking account; there is a fee of $1.95 per payment via credit/debit card.) And you can access your payment history if you ever need a receipt or record...all 24/7/36!

Click here to simplify your life and help save trees in the process. For help, call us at (207) 622-3701.

*Payment limit $196.05 per transaction.