Protecting Our Environment

We thoroughly treat wastewater before we return it to the Kennebec River, and we are careful stewards of the Carleton Pond watershed, including the fresh water supply and the surrounding forests.


At GAUD, we take every precaution to ensure that wastewater is thoroughly treated to exacting standards before it is discharged into the Kennebec River.

Wastewater treatment is regulated under the Clean Water Act and enforced by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. We produce a monthly Wastewater Discharge Monitoring Report, which consistently shows that we comply on the six key measures of water quality for human consumption. (For a copy of the report, please email Phyllis Rand:

Heavy rainstorms long posed a threat to our environment through Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO), that is, the mixing of rainwater and wastewater. GAUD has invested millions of dollars to prevent CSO discharges, and we have succeeded in reducing them by 90% since 1989.


We own Carleton Pond and 730 surrounding acres of forest in in Readfield and East Winthrop just west of Augusta. The Pond was once our primary drinking water source, remains the primary source for the Winthrop Utilities District (WUD), and could again be part of our supply in the future.

GAUD and WUD have joined forces to form the Central Maine Water Council, which is dedicated to strictly preserving the pristine quality of the Carleton Pond water supply, and stewarding the surrounding watershed.

Our watchword is to tread lightly. We conduct limited, sustainable harvesting of timber (which generates revenue), and limit access to the woods—something we continually evaluate to balance preservation of this unique resource with the benefits to the public of access to nature. For details, read our Forest Management Plan.


Finally, we've invested over $13 million to prevent discharges into Bond Brook, a 270-acre urban wilderness that serves as an important ecological and recreational resource, with great fishing and miles of multi-use trails.