At Greater Augusta Utility District (GAUD), we take a comprehensive approach to protecting our precious natural resources, and reducing the unnecessary maintenance costs that can drive up rates:

Read about easy ways you can help conserve water in your home and business.

We thoroughly treat wastewater before we return it to the Kennebec River,
and we are careful stewards of the Carleton Pond watershed,
including the fresh water supply and the surrounding forests.

Learn how you can help reduce the paper we all use—
and save trees—by choosing paperless billing.

You play a vital role in keeping our wastewater system flowing,
by not flushing or putting down the drain any material that we cannot process,
such as grease, wipes, food scraps, and more.


Together, we can continue to reduce our impact on the environment, preserve clean water and
other natural resources...and avoid unnecessary costs that can lead to higher rates.