Conserving Water

Top Four Ways to Save Water

The average American uses an astounding amount of water: nearly 100 gallons per day! In the Southwest and other parts of the country, that has created a growing crisis. While we are fortunate in Maine to have relatively abundant fresh water in our aquifers, lakes and rivers, there are already times when we withdraw more than nature can replenish. And as our population grows, families and businesses will place ever-greater demand on a dwindling supply—unless we use water more wisely.

Conserving water will also save money on your GAUD water bill!


Fix toilet leaks.

This is the biggest water waster in the average household. Even if you don’t hear your toilet running, water still may be escaping silently. To be sure, ask GAUD. for our free leak detection tablets or use a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank; if water in the bowl changes color, you’ve got a leak that needs fixing.

Here’s a website with videos that show you how to find and fix leaks: Or call a plumber (it will pay for itself). 

Tip: A new toilet can use 75% less water than an old one.

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Wait till you have a full load to do laundry or use your dishwasher.

Two half loads use twice as much water as one full load!

Cut your lawn less often, and you can water it less!

Lawns will need less water the longer you leave the grass—try 3” to start. And in the fall, over-seed your lawn with ryes and fescues to thicken-up your grass for next spring. This will help reduce the amount of water your lawn needs next year.

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Take a shower instead of a bath, using a low-flow shower head.

An average full bath uses 60 gallons of water; a quick shower only a fraction of that—and a low-flow head can cut use by another 40%.

For more great water-saving tips, here’s a brochure.