2017 Catch Basin Cleaning

As part of our effort to maintain the city’s stormwater collection system, will be cleaning catch basins and drain structures beginning in May and continuing through September. The District has contracted with EC Barry and Son Company of Farmingdale to clean the majority of these structures. The cleaning will occur in large part during normal business hours, however the contractor may be working on weekends or early mornings in certain areas to avoid traffic issues. Some of the structures are located off of the public right of way in private parking areas or lawns. We will not be individually notifying owners of these properties except in a couple instances where access is an issue. 

Catch basins treat stormwater by collecting pollutants. Most basins have sumps, or a storage area below the outlet pipe that allow for solids to settle. Winter sand, topsoil, grass clippings, leaves, litter and other freeriding pollutants are picked up by rainwater as it runs across the streets into the lazy river of the curbline before plummeting to the depths of the labyrinth of stormwater and sewer pipes below the city. When the sumps are full, the freeriding pollutants have a oneway ticket aboard the stormwater express to the receiving water (brook, stream, river) or in the case of some combined sewers (catch basins that outlet into the sanitary sewer), pump stations. Receiving waters don't like pollutants. Pumps don't like sand. Pollutants in receiving waters and pump stations are bad. 

Please help the District and the receiving waters by giving safe access to the basins. If you have a drainage structure on your property that currently has restricted access, please try to make arrangements to remove any obstructions so the contractor can clean the structure. If you are parking in a parking lot and you see the work truck, consider parking away from a basin when possible. Slow down and give them some space while they are cleaning on busy streets. 

Any questions should be directed to Tim Wade at the Greater Augusta Utility District, (207) 622-3701.