Water & Your Health

The Safe Drinking Water Act provides the rules that govern drinking water operations.  These operations are regulated in Maine by the Bureau of Health under the Drinking Water Program.

Your drinking water can come from up to five different groundwater wells.  Three wells on the west side of the Kennebec are known as the Brookside, Triangle and South wells.  Two wells on the east side of the Kennebec went into service in July, 2015 and are known as Riverside South and Riverside North.

Your drinking water is thoroughly tested in accordance with State of Maine Regulations and the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

To help prevent tooth decay, drinking water is treated with sodium fluoride to provide 0.7 milligrams per liter (0.7 parts per million or ppm) of fluoride to all customers.  Sodium hypochlorite (the active ingredient in laundry bleach) is added to disinfect your water and protect you and the distribution system against organic contaminants including bacteria and other microorganisms.  Polyorthophosphate is also added to reduce lead and copper levels at the tap and reduce both iron and calcium levels in the distribution system.

Wells are naturally high in calcium.  Calcium hardness levels vary by wells from approximately 130 milligrams per liter (130ppm) to 200 milligrams per liter.  This characterizes the water as "hard" to "very hard".  While these calcium levels are natural and safe, some customers have expressed concern about white spots on dishes or sinks.  The white spotting is calcium residue and not harmful.  It can often be removed with the gentle use of vinegar.

Your drinking water is managed by State of Maine licensed water treatment facility operators.  Water quality is also continually monitored by computers.  Alarms are triggered if water quality characteristics fall out of allowable ranges. Click here for the most recent Water Quality Report.

If you have questions about your drinking water, please contact  the District at (207) 622-3701 or via email to:  Greater Augusta Utility District.